“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames”…RUMI


Setting her world on fire is the ultimate goal of singer-songwriter FARAH. FARAH is not your typical recording artist. Her Soulful pop fusion, combines emotionally provoking lyrics over resonating melodies and instruments, created to leave you deliciously in love with whatever your journey is. If you were to ask her who she is, she would say, “I’m a dreamer, I’m a creator, I’m a soul traveler. I’m someone who needs to make a difference…” From a young age, FARAH knew she was meant for something more than what was expected from her South Asian upbringing of following a path in medicine, engineering or law.

She participated eagerly in her school and community choirs and developed a real love for all kinds of music. She had a rebellious creative streak within her that sparked her fantasizing about blending genres, themes and melodic structures that didn’t traditionally belong together. She found that her cathartic release came from emulating and belting the sounds of everything from Mariah Carey, to Guns and Roses to Alanis Morissette. She dreamed of being on stage the way her favorite artists were but it never seemed that it could be possible for someone of her cultural background.

It was only until after she finished university and decided to move to Toronto on her own that she gathered the courage to at least try for a career in music. And thus began her journey of working with several talented artists, performing across the world on huge stages and starting her own brand of Fireflys. Some of her career highlights which include:

Winning the 2010 Anokhi Award for 'Most Promising Artist', the 2014 Black Canadian Award for 'Best Pop Act', being nominated for 'Best Established Act' at the 2015 MARTY awards and 'Best RnB single' for the Canadian Urban TV Awards, performing at International night 2 at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica in 2010, opening for Sean Paul in 2016 and singing the theme song 'Dream, Believe and Reach the Sky' alongside Bollywood superstars Salim-Sulaiman at the 2016 Jubilee Games in Dubai. More recently she released a devotional song 'Guide The Way' that became viral within her community and was used as background for several high profile videos, performed at the Jubilee Arts Festival in Lisboa, Portugal and has now moved to Los Angeles to work on her new EP.


What distinguishes FARAH is her fervent desire for her artistry to touch, move and inspire others, mainly because on a day to day basis she needs it herself and has always healed through music. Influenced by artists such as Alicia Keys, India Arie, Adele, Sia and Lauryn Hill, she sings about resonating life truths, confidence boosting empowerment and the journey towards self discovery and really hopes the songs and messages land with her listeners.

Currently FARAH is working on transforming her sound and brand with producers in Los Angeles, California. A project where she can reach new heights and new depths of her artistry, passion and message.